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06 August 2009 @ 03:11 pm
Ignorance is your Best Friend  

I am absolutely in love with 'Ignorance' by Paramore. The song is simply amazing. I love the guitar riffs, rhythm, and style of the song. The lyrics are also genius and I can relate to the song. I have been a fan of Paramore since their first single 'Pressure'. 'All we know is Falling' is an absolutely great album. It truly expressed everything that I was feeling at that point in time. When 'Riot' (Paramore's second studio album) was released, I was absolute head over heals for the band's new music. Now that 'Ignorance' is the new single for the new album 'Brand New Eyes,' I can't wait to see what the new album has to offer. I can't help but to be excited and anxious for their new material.

However, the reason for this post, besides Paramore's new music is to speak of Hayley (The lead singer of Paramore). I know that Paramore is a band, and I do agree that it is not fair that Hayley gets most of the attention because the other band members do work very hard, but it is hard to not be amazed by her accomplishments. She is an image of what I wish I had. I have been singing since I was able to talk, (believe me, my mom has some embarrassing videos of me singing at 3 yrs. of age), but I have never had the courage to form a band or put myself out there. At my age, 20, Hayley has a band, three albums, 9 singles, several awards, and made a career out of what she loves to do. Hayley has an amazing voice, awesome taste in fashion, and mad skills for makeup. She did all of this in the world of Alternative Rock which is know as a mans industry. I guess you can say that she is one of my idols. I hope that one day I can accomplish half of what she has accomplished in the world of music.
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Current Music: 'Ignorance' by Paramore