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10 August 2009 @ 11:58 pm
Green Day takes 1st place on my concert list!  
The Green Day concert was amazing. They performed most of the songs on 21st century breakdown plus all the singles from their other albums. Billie Joe has amazing energy on stage. Tre Cool, even though he is behind his drum, shows true passion, and Mike Drint can jump pretty high. I completely loved how Billie Joe involved the crowd in every song. He even chose people from the crowd to sing with him and he even picked a guy to play a Pantera song with them. The involvement of props also made the concert very entertaining. There was a water gun, a portable spotlight, a toilet paper throwing gun, a gun that throws t-shirts, crazy hats, and Tre Cool even wore a big red bra. There was so much energy from the band and the audience. The concert was so amazing that there were three encores. The performance quality was on of the best and Billie Joe's voice is great live. This is one of the best concert I've have been to.

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